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New Forex resources site

Here’s a new Forex resources website you might want to check out put together by professional Forex trader, Cecil Robles…

THIS disciplines your trading

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It’s time. Hopefully you saw my prior messages about the great trading guide from Norman Hallett all about TAMING RISK in your trading. Well… the next step happens RIGHT NOW.  Norman’s next “Disciplined Trader” Intensive Program is now OPEN and taking registrations.

Tames trading risk

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One of the #1 “problem areas” that’s getting between you and the trading results you know you deserve is… -How to, once and for all, TAME RISK. I’ve been preaching this ever since I started training traders way back in 2001, and it’s something that, honestly, not a lot of traders want to hear. Why? […]

join the ‘Godfather’ & I TONIGHT (Forex webinar)

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Reminder: it happens TONIGHT, July 29th, at 9pm Eastern. You’ll get direct access to the “Godfather” of candlestick trading – Mr. Steve Nison himself, as he reveals: * His latest tricks and tips on using candle charts in the Forex markets so you can catch the early reversal signals… * How candle signals are different […]

The ‘Godfather’s’ candlestick encore…

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