Forex Crescendo EA – 132.33% In Under 8 Months

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Just look at these numbers:

Forex Crescendo EA made $10,531.90 in less than 8 months, in live real money trading account. The account started with $7,958.70, and it now stands at $18,490.60.

  • The Forex Crescendo EA gained 132.33% in a record 8 months.
  • The average monthly gain for the last 8 months has been 16.86% per month.
  • The closed trades draw down has been 5.31%.
  • There has been no single losing month.
  • There has been no single losing week.
  • There has only been one losing day out of more than 160 days of trading (that loss was -$14.27) as compared to the best day in which it gained $220.89.
  • The profit factor is an average of 2.53 times the loss.


If you have been following the release of the Forex Crescendo EA, you will know that Andrea has done more to answer people’s questions and remain transparent with the results, than any other EA released.

Over the last few weeks you learned:

  • What’s really going on in the automated trading market with the in-depth interview with Andrea.
  • He released a report to help anyone improve the performance of any EA, and answered commonly asked questions about EAs.
  • He spent over 4 hours between two webinars answering every question that was asked of him.
  • He displayed my live trading account for all to see. No Photoshop images, no html tricks, just the truth.

There’s really not much more anyone could do. The Forex Crescendo EA is the best EA I have ever personally traded live, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you.

But wait…

There is a time element here. To make sure everyone has a chance to benefit from Forex Crescendo EA, there is a special price for the next few days. This is no ordinary EA, and the cost will at least double soon. Go and check this out for yourself just how powerful the Forex Crescendo EA is.


Happy Trading!


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